WA8TBB (now W8DU) & ECARS Early Years

I was a junior in high school for my first ECARS check-in on April 20th, 1969, shown in the first log page below and was on summer vacation before my senior year in high school for the second one. My callsign back then was WA8TBB. 

At this time, I had built a frequency shift keyer in high school electronics class and installed it in an HT-32 transmitter, so I could run RTTY.  I had recently bought the HT-32 transmitter from my elmer, Ed McKenzie (SK), whose callsign W8DU, I now hold. I would check into ECARS and MidCARS from time to time and was pretty good about logging it when I did check in.

Back then, my older brother was living in Cambridge, MA at the time and I would use ECARS to find someone to run a phone patch for me to my brother.  No cell phones in those days. This was high tech stuff.

I am happy to see the ECARS is a survivor and still going strong with great net controls now, as then.

73 de Arnie
W8DU, ECARS #8346