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For Sale
KD3D --- Frank In Erie   PA
For Sale: Icom 735
Condition: Very Good
1. Original owner
2. 500 hz cw filter
3. Internal keyer
4. Hand mic  power cord
5. Trimmer cap upgrade done by Icom
Price: $300.00 plus shipping. Paypal ok. + Shipping or Call 814-812-7542

For Sale
N1XRR --- Michael In Greenville   SC
For Sale: Hammerlund HQ-129-X
Condition: Good
1. Original knobs
2. Original manual
3. Original matching speaker
4. Previous owner smoked   so some residue
5. Some scratches and marks   but good condition overall
Price: 200 + Shipping but prefer Pickup or Call 8649064581

For Sale
N4HCI --- Bob Goodwin In Newport News   VA
For Sale: MFJ-916 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer
Condition: Excellent
1. Like new
Price: $40   OBO + Shipping