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W3GWM, George Miller, Candidate for Vice President in Dec 2017 Election

Name: George Miller
QTH: Wyalusing, PA
ECARS History:

-  Member Since: 2012. Lifetime member #20743
-  Previous Offices/Duties: NCS
-  Current Net Control Operator: Yes, 3-5 times a week

Other Amateur Radio History:

I became interested in SWL using my grandfather’s SW radio when I was around 10.
Ham Radio caught my attention when I was in the US Coast Guard assigned to an icebreaker in Arctic and Antarctic waters between 1967-1970 when Hams made phone patches home for me. I thought it might be fun to be a Ham, but had no chance to get a license while on duty to remote areas on the USCGC Southwind.  Ultimately, I got my first license in 1979 as KA3DZD while living in Central Pennsylvania. I began listening and checking into ECARS when I got my General License in 1980 as N3CJP. As I moved around the country, I was licensed as KA4KA, KF8PZ when I earned my Advanced Class License and finally W3GWM when I became licensed as an Extra Class and received my current vanity call sign.

I’m a long time member of the ARRL and have appointments as Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station and as a Digital Relay Station. I am a Volunteer Examiner for the ARRL and active in ARES and RACES in NE PA.   The Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Phone and Traffic Net, which I manage, was selected as the first Section Level net to affiliate with RRI this year.  I’m the Net Manager for the Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Traffic Net, which is  the EPA Section SSB Net, and the the Assistant Net Manager for the 3rd Region Net.   In 1982, I worked with the Director of the Harrisburg Office of the National Weather Service to form the first Skywarn organization in Pennsylvania.

And of course, I’m a Net Control Station for ECARS, as well as the Pennsylvania Central Area HF RACES net, the EPAEPTN, and 3RN nets.  I’m member of the Eastern Area Traffic Net where I’m a liaison to the 3rd Region and to the Central Area Net.  I belong to the Radio Relay International, functioning as a traffic relay.  I am a Digital Traffic Network Relay station and have been assigned as the liaison for PA and the 3rd Region to the Eastern Area Digital Traffic Network, relaying radiogram traffic to and from the Third Region net representing PA, MD, DE and DC.   I also belong to the Pennsylvania (CW) Traffic Net. 

I am a member of Skywarn, ARES, RACES, QCWA (#36618), MUFON (#22102), Ten-Ten Int’l (#77169), FIST (#18048), SKCC (#16716) and have completed Level 2 of the CW Operators Academy and am enrolled to take the Level 3 course in January.  Locally, I belong to the Endless Mountains Amateur Radio Club and Skywarn.

I’m primarily interested in emergency services, traffic handling, rag chewing, and net control operations.  My most satisfying activity is being an ECARS NCS and meeting so many great people on the air.  I’m hoping to represent ECARS at Ham Fests next summer as your Vice President.

Community Activities:
I’m an Electronics Technician, certified by the Electronic Technicians of America and a retired US Air Force Master Sargeant (26 years service) were I served as a Ground Radio Communications Supervisor and Crew Chief.  I am very proud of my Air Force service and achieving Master Sargent. During that time I visited both poles during exploration assignments and sailed around the world.  As an Air Force retiree, I now take pride in continuing to serve in other ways such as using my radios for emergency services and traffic handling.

Mostly because of my background in communications, I was an early convert to computers and built my first Sinclair computer from a kit. In the very early days of the computer industry, there was little commercial software so I wrote and distributed many different types of programs for Ham Radio and computers in general. I wrote the first computer programs for predicting weather from tables of data entered for home computers.  I taught myself machine language programing for the 80xx, 68xxx and 65xx microchips and then wrote software for the Sinclair, Apple. Commodore and IBM PC computers in machine language and using a variety of advanced languages. 

I switched career fields from electronics to computers.  I was a Certified Network Engineer for Windows NT, a Certified Network Administrator for Novell, and an instructor for Windows and Office Products. For a while I was Technical Editor for Compute! Magazine.  I have written more than a dozen books on computer programming and was employed in various positions in the computer industry.

Personal Comments:

I would be very honored to serve as your 2018 ECARS Vice President.

I’m retired from the Air Force and the computer industry. I’ve got lots of time now for Ham radio and for reading.
I guess my favorite Ham radio activity is rag chewing. I enjoy meeting people through Ham radio.  My station is rather modest, I use a Kenwood TS-480 HX.  My favorite antenna is my G5RV but I do have some other wire antennas and verticals for HF.  I’m not a “Big Gun” but I get a great deal of enjoyment out of the wide variety of activities available in Amateur Radio.