From the President's Shack

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Letter to the ECARS Members from the President

I am glad to have the opportunity to serve as president of ECARS this year.

Thanks to the Net Manager, Luke KA1SE for doing the most difficult job of scheduling. There is a weekly email that indicates current opening for each week and it is amazing how few times there is no NCS station on 7255. If you are a member in good standing and wish to be a substitute or fill in NCS please as to be put on this distribution list.

NCS - Thanks for all your continued service. There is always a need for more NCS and a good place to start is as a substitute or fill in. Being a NCS is a lot of fun and if you are interested in giving it a try let the Net Manager know.

This year we will look for opportunities to make the administration of ECARS simpler while maintaining the NET as one of the premier regionals nets. There has been good activity in checkins and in keeping the net going but seeming little interest in voting, or meetings which are both requirements to maintaining out current status as a 503c nonprofit so we will be looking at continuing as an unincorporated nonprofit association.

One of the challenges for members and especially NCS is dealing with malicious interference. Generally we should totally ignore any type of attempted disruption to the net. Do NOT acknowledge it in any way. I would also encourage all NCS stations to listen to Riley Hollingsworth speak on this. Here is a link to a one hour presentation that Riley gave at a club meeting a couple of years ago - Presentation. There are some good insights and stories from the former head of the FCC Enforcement Bureau. You will hear him check into ECARS as K4ZDH occasionally.

Read the operations manual. Most of the information you need to know about how the net operates is contained and it needs to be reviewed from time to time.

Back in the 'old days' before cell phones we used to use ECARS for actual communications. I knew I could traffic passed from a 10 W mobile and it is important to maintain this service so always give mobiles priority and call for mobile checkins specifically.

Keep the net friendly and fast moving. Make checking in a pleasant experience and people will tell others about it. This is how I learned about ECARS over 30 years ago, another ham told me it was a group of friendly and courteous hams that always welcomed anyone to check in and say Hi!

Paul Gerhard