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Welcome to ECARS

We would be pleased to have you check into the ECARS net.  ECARS is an open service.  If you enjoy "ECARS," consider joining.  See 'Become an ECARS Member' below and the  "Membership:Application / Renewal menu option above. 

Become an ECARS Member

The annual dues are $3.00 per year, and you can subscribe for 1 or 3 years, or for a lifetime membership. Applications can be submitted either by mailing a paper application form, or by submitting electronically using the PayPal┬« application option. 

If using the PayPal┬« option, use the 'Membership Level' dropdown box to select either a 1 year, 3 year, or lifetime membership.  Be sure you always provide your current call sign when submitting an application or renewal.

See the 'Membership: Application / Renewal' menu option. After submitting your application, you can check that your membership has commenced using the 'ECARS Member Lookup' option above in this column, but be patient.  It will take a while for it to show up.

Member Information Changes

If you have changed your Call Sign or email address please see "Membership: Update Membership Data" page for instructions about how to update them.

Wilbert Wells W3DBP - silent key

ECARS is sad to announced the loss of Wilbert Wells, W3DBP. Wilbert, was a former NCS and frequent participant in ECARS nets.

QSO Today

Are you familiar with WA6IGR, Eric Guth's QSO Today? Plagiarizing his own words, QSO Today is a podcast, and historical archive of nearly 300 past podcasts, about the international hobby of amateur radio. Every week, he interviews a "ham" to hear their ham radio story and what they are doing now. Many of the technologies that we enjoy today including television and radio, cell phones, computers, and the Internet were born out amateur radio hobbyists experimenting with electronics and radio in their basements and garages. Amateur radio was and still is the frontier where hams conducted electronic experiments in order to make that wireless contact around the World.
Check QSO Today out here. And the index of podcasts, with synopses, going back to April 2014 are here.

Member Projects

There is an increasing interest in QRP radios especially ones that are inexpensive.  The BITX radio kits, designed by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE, have become strong contributors to this craze.  Ashhar's 40 meter band radio, the BITX-40 costs just $59, and the multi-band uBITX radio costs just $109.  Both are a preassembled circuit board and separate pre-assembled Raduino LCD display and controller, and require assembly into a buyer provided enclosure, and assembled with buyer provided 12 vdc power supply, microphone, and speaker or headphones.  There are several user groups focused on these radios, with the Groups.io group probably being the most active. While fully functional as designed, these radios are designed to be hacked and improved and there is a minor cottage industry doing just that with software and hardware improvements.  And the designing and manufacture of enclosures for these radios has been an industry in itself.  This might be just the thing to reinvigorate your interest in Ham radio and kit building!

See reports on some of our member projects here.

NOTE: We would like to add other member projects to this link.  What ham related project have you undertaken?  Write it up and provide pictures and it will be added to this link.  Antennas design and manufacture, Radio design and manufacture including kits, Radio and Amplifier restoration, Remote radio interface design, manufacture, or installation, etc. are all good projects to be added here.

Welcome to Our New and Renewed Members

(11/01/2019 To 11/30/2019)

VA3KSKieran * KB2SERJohnN0VVVJim
WB4UDHowardKC3EWYJohn * WB2FNGTroy *
N3HKNRichardW3JJLJohnWA1QZXDaniel *
AA2PRCarlosN5RKNRobert * KC1HTBRakesh
KQ4BRThomas * KN4UCNBobbyW3YNEWayne
K8KWGDon * K1CFIRobert * KG9OKen *
KN4WTVPeterK3RLWRobertN1EBQBruce *
K8RFIKevinK4WICJohn * KE8COQKyle
KN4UPYAnson * KL7EZScott * KB5WDFChalice

* Lifetime Memberships

Official Announcements
ECARS Service
ECARS Wants You!
The backbone of ECARS is service by its members for its members. 3/26/2018

 Net Control Operators Needed
To volunteer, contact the Net Manager at ecars-netmanager@cox.net See guidance on being a net control operator here.

Nominations for 2020 ECARS Officers and Directors are Closed

Nominations for the 2020 ECARS Officers and Directors closed at the end of 25 November. Two Directors and the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary / Treasurer were up for nominations. At the end of the nomination period, we had only one nomination for each open position, so there will NOT be an election cycle in December to decide the 2020 Directors and Officers. The following were nominated and will be seated on 15 January 2020.

President - Vic Klein (WA4THR)
Vice President - George Miller (W3GWM)
Secretary / Treasurer - Bob Goodwin (N4HCI)
Director (2020-2021) - Paul Gerhardt (K3PG)
Director (2020-2021) - Jeff Doran (NJ2US)

The following 3 Directors will continue serving for the 2nd year of their Directorship:

Director (2019-2020) - Jim Freed (KA1MQ)
Director (2019-2020) - Bernie Meyers (WA3BM)
Director (2019-2020) - Les Morrow (W3LES)

Thanks to the Nominating Committee for Volunteering for this year's election.

ECARS Scholarships

ECARS created two $1000 scholarships this year - one administered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the other by the Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR).

On June 15th, the ARRL announced that the 2019 recipient of the ECARS Scholarship was Sean Flynn, KD2BFI, or Newburgh, NY, for which Sean has sent ECARS a Thank You note.  We all wish Sean the greatest success in his academic endeavors and hope that this scholarship will prove useful to him.   The FAR scholarship award is pending.

ECARS Grants

The East Coast Amateur Radio Service, Inc. can provide financial support for worthy amateur radio related initiatives. The focus of this grant program is to support Amateur Radio and other non-profit organizations with programs to educate, license and otherwise support Amateur Radio activities with emphasis on youth-based projects.   See menu item 'Organization: Apply for a Grant' OR Click Here for Information.
Feb 2017

On Line Swap & Shop

Fill out the form with your information and wait for approval. All new ads will be posted within a day or two of request. Check out the Swap & Shop Here.

End of Official Announcements

Show Us Your Shack

It is always a pleasure to see how other Hams have set up their Shacks.  So, ECARS has a section of the website dedicated to showing pictures of member's shacks.  If you have not done so already, share your pride and joy on the website. Follow the menu option above to view member's shacks. See the instructions for submitting your "Shack" photo for inclusion in the slide show on the "Operations: Show Us Your Shack" page. This is for ECARS members only.

ECARS Membership Certificates

See additional and revised ECARS Membership Certificate options at Membership: Order Membership Certificate .  New options include signed certificates, on various papers, in either portrait or landscape, and mailed to you.